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Our Generous Gene by Mike Dickson
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'That best portion of a good man's life; his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love' - William Wordsworth ... See MoreSee Less

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Roger Allsopp has an incredible story to tell. The £15,000 he raised for breast cancer research in 2006 has rippled out to fund a £14 million specialist research laboratory ten years later, and the story carries on…..

Roger is a retired surgeon living in Guernsey who for the last 10 years of his working life also spent a day a week in Southampton as a breast cancer consultant.  Working in Guernsey he knew about the bank of stored blood samples collected from......

Love your community

Offer a lift, buy a little extra for your local foodbank, surprise someone in hospital who doesn’t get visitors. Or visit someone just out of hospital who can’t get out and about yet....


When we focus declining fish stocks or coral dying from increased acidity, it’s all too easy to forget that our seas cover 70% of the world’s surface and the source of most of our oxygen is our oceans.   Nature has incredible resilience and given......

Keep in touch

We’ve been taught we need to do more, earn more, experience more, to be happier. It’s simply not true.  We’re social beings, we thrive when we enjoy close relationships with those we care about. Spend time with those you love. Make a list of people......

Lone nuts are leaders

Just to prove you don’t need to be superman to be a leader and change-maker, here are a couple of fun and famous examples. One is about starting a movement, the other about how one man tackled a multi-national and won!...

A happier life is a generous life.

So let's focus on happiness and meaning. What's stopping you?