Our Generous Gene | Dr Frederick Mulder CBE: philanthropist and art dealer
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Dr Frederick Mulder CBE: philanthropist and art dealer

Dr Frederick Mulder CBE: philanthropist and art dealer


‘Everyone wants to make a positive difference in the world…If you are fortunate enough to have the financial wherewithal, it is a wonderful thing to be able to do. Making someone happy, comfortable, feel loved or accepted or safe is a very powerful thing…There are certain things that you want to see done in giving terms that are about your own values and the values you would like to see embedded in the world. You can’t do it because you don’t have the skills, are too busy doing something else, or don’t have the time. Then you find wonderful people who ARE doing it and you think, “oh my God” that needs to be done, but I can’t do it, I’ll help those people to do it – that’s a much better way..

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Mike Dickson is the founder of Rainmaker Foundation, an exceptional community of individuals committed to make the world a better place. He began to understand the power of generosity when he co-founded the children’s charity Whizz-Kidz in 1990. Whizz-Kidz has since raised over £100 million to help more than 20,000 young people with mobility problems whizz about.

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