Our Generous Gene | Tackling the politics of fear and hatred
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Tackling the politics of fear and hatred

Tackling the politics of fear and hatred

Clive Stafford-Smith is one of the world’s most respected, awarded, and recognised human rights lawyers.

Listen to Clive talk about the death penalty, or drones or some of the things ‘civilised’ governments do in our name, and you will understand why he is so persuasive and effective.  His belief is that people should never be judged by the worst 15 minutes of their life. And governments should never be let off the hook for acting illegally because kidnapping and locking up innocent people is wrong.

Reprieve, the UK charity he set up, does extraordinary work with a tiny staff of lawyers who uncover new evidence and hold governments to account.

For their contribution to a fairer world, they have my gratitude and support.

How about yours?

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Mike Dickson is the founder of Rainmaker Foundation, an exceptional community of individuals committed to make the world a better place. He began to understand the power of generosity when he co-founded the children’s charity Whizz-Kidz in 1990. Whizz-Kidz has since raised over £100 million to help more than 20,000 young people with mobility problems whizz about.

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